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When you sponsor the education of a child in Africa, you change the world for that child


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Primary School package


Provide a child with tuition fees, school equipment and uniform, providing all the essentials for a child education and the opportunity of a lifetime. PLUS a hot lunch is included every day; a vital need as most students may not have food at home to bring to school for lunch.

Former child-soldier support package

same concept as the “Primary School package” but for former abductees who are now high school students. Many students after finishing primary school cannot afford to pay senior school fees as there is a big jump in price, so they have to stop their education at a very young to go out to work. This package allows these children to finish their education helping them is possibly the most important step for unlock their potential.

Sponsor as a gift

Sponsor a child as a gift to a loved one

Give a gift with meaning. Sign up to our child sponsorship as a gift and get a free gift for your loved one and also for the child you choose to sponsor. Choose from a friendship bracelet or necklace made by the women who support some of our vulnerable children, or a handmade stuffed safari animal made from kitenge (traditional African patterned material). A handwritten card will also be included in the welcome pack so please do let us know if it is a gift for an occasion.

What to expect when you sponsor a child’s education

When you sign up to sponsor the education of a child in Africa we do the choosing for you, this is because as a smaller charity we are right there on the ground and are in touch with all of the children, therefore we are able to identify who is in the most need of support at that time. This means your help goes to the child that needs it the most.

You will then be sent a welcome pack, from us which will include; our welcome letter with the names of the children you are sponsoring, and a name card that you can take photos with to send to your sponsors with a message, and wait for a live reaction from them. This is part of our Share the love program.

Going forward, handwritten letters will be sent to you termly in March, July and Novermber (there are 3 terms in Uganda). They will include a photo, plus an update about their progress, and can sometimes include pictures they have drawn or some work they did for you their sponsor.

How do our sponsorship groups work?

Be The Change is a small charity, which means we know exactly where the money goes. This also means that we need to be efficient and as helpful to the communities that we are supporting as possible. For this reason, we put the students into small sponsorship groups of three, so although you are sponsoring one child’s education, three will have the benefit of your support. This ensures each child gets all that they need each term, and that the higher costs at the beginning of each school year are covered e.g. uniform, that some may not be able to afford.

Does sponsoring a child really work?

Brenda is 6 years old and lives with her brother Sam who is 5, and their elderly grandma. Their grandma has dementia as well as struggling with high blood pressure and incontinence. Brenda and Sam’s parents both died of HIV when they were young, leaving them orphaned and their grandma to look after them. Due to their grandma’s deteriorating condition, Brenda had to take over the cooking and cleaning and when I met them she was looking after her grandma, Sam and herself and not attending school.

We were able to track down her uncle who was struggling with an alcohol problem and staying an hour away, and then provide assistance to him and also get her grandma the hospital treatment she needed. We were also able to place the two in temporary foster families whilst their uncle was supported ready to be able to look after them. Because of our supporters Be The Change was then also able to pay Sam and Brenda’s school fees and make sure they were able to return to being children and get an education.


Your support REALLY makes a difference, and we need people like yourselves to support children’s education so we can help more children like Sam and Brenda and return to them what every child deserves; the chance to be a child and to have a bright future that they can choose.

Brenda and Sam, children put in school by our sponsorship program

How does the money help?

When you sponsor a child’s education in Africa through Be The Change you are not just helping that child, but a whole community in one of the poorest countries in the world.


For many of these children the reality is that they will miss their education and go into work at a very early age. This creates the obvious immediate problems, but also long-lasting ones as they miss out on the chance of education, resulting in more poverty and a community that has fewer highly skilled people.


Sponsorship provides education, a meal every day, school equipment such as uniform, books and pens, and gives them their childhood back; all essential things for a child to be able to reach their potential.

With your help, Be The Change also supports care-givers and teachers, this furthers the benefit to the children and young people’s education in Africa, but also changes the lives of all those involved in our programs. We want to see communities thriving and people loving life, instead of constantly living in a place of fear and poverty. When you see this bigger, more sustainable picture, you place the power in their hands to change their world…and watching them blossom so far has been one of our greatest joys.

Live reactions #Sharethelove

In the welcome pack, we also include a name card of your sponsored child for one epic reason – we would love to show the children in Uganda who is sponsoring them, and what better way than with a photo or video of YOU. We ask you to take a photo, a video is even better, of yourselves (including family and friends if you like) holding their name card.


When you’re done, go to our Share The Love page on our website, upload your photo with an optional video and message, then subscribe to our emails and social media for updates on our live reactions. Oh! and don’t forget to share on your social media too and tag us the share the love with your community:



…so we can all #sharethelove together.


We will then show the children these and film their reaction for you and our followers, so not only do they get to see you, but you get to see them too, and you can feel how big a difference sponsoring a child really makes!

Sponsoring a Child for schools

Are you a school, or know a school that would be interested in supporting vulnerable children in Uganda? By joining up as a school or a class, you could help show many children that they are not alone and open up their lives to opportunity. We partner struggling schools in Uganda with schools that can help support and engage with them, at whatever level suits both parties. This can be anything from sponsoring a whole class’ school fees; individual sponsorships for children at your school to choose; to getting involved in curriculum development; or even joining in our christmas shoebox appeal. For more information please get in touch.


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