We can’t continue our work without help from generous individuals and sponsors. If you would like to support this work, and help us reach out to more vulnerable children, offer more workshops and support the endangered wildlife of the Congo Basin, please donate. Donations go directly to pay for trainings, materials and school fees as well as other emergency support as outlined below.

Where could your money go?

We are a small but mighty charity, with our feet strongly rooted on the ground, our head looking forward and our heart out there in the world. Being small and in the thick of the work that we are doing enables us to be responsive to changing situations, emergencies, and generally being sensitive to what is needed. Donations are used on one of our two projects; Futures or Conservation. 

Some of the ways we have used our funding so far:

  • vocational training workshops
  • emergency healthcare for the children in our schools or their immediate family
  • food – sometimes the going gets so tough and families need urgent food aid
  • ranger training in DRC
  • transportation for nurses and doctors to visit the remote communities we support
  • housing materials after heavy rains
  • supplying school equipment and uniforms
  • transportation for field staff to carry out vital surveys of Graueri’s gorilla populations

What impact could you have through our chairty?

Give £10
rice beans provided to starving family when donating to us

£10 pays for rice and beans for an entire family for a week

Give £20
Training women in Africa vital life skills when you donate to be the change

£20 covers the costs of a days workshop, educating and allowing women to provide for their families

Give £100
Gorillas that are protected when you donate

£100 trains a ranger to be able to work alongside the national parks and add extra protection to the vulerable graueri’s gorillas

We need your support. These things are essential for the programmes to continue. So that we can carry on our work providing opportunity to people and animals alike to survive, thrive and do so in peace; something the whole world deserves.

Who are you supporting?

Be The Change works in two main areas; community support in Uganda and conservation work in DRC.


Be The Change Futures: Education and community support

We help create opportunity for an improved life free from poverty by supporting education and providing vocational training in challenged communities. We aim to ensure that everyone has access to these opportunities and the freedom to shape their future. Find out more about our community projects here.


Be The Change Conservation: Gorilla and rainforest conservation

In Eastern-DRC, the Graueri’s gorilla is critically endangered and as a species endemic to this one area of the world, the picture is even more fragile than it sounds. We chose this as our first conservation project to support. We have worked on the ground with a charity Strong Roots who work tirelessly to protect this majestic creature, and with your help we can increase the support we provide them and work together to ensure the survival of our planet’s largest primate.

We are expanding our work to also cover the orangutan, another of the great apes, all of whom are critically endangered. This is another cause at a vital tipping point that needs our focussed attention and willingness to act and change if we are to prevent ourselves from wiping them off the face of the planet. We head to Suamtra in February 2019. To find out more and follow our conservation work journey see our conservation page and blog.


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