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Be The Change carries out compassionate action in the world, and supports creating positive change in our everyday lives.
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Our Mission:

“To help alleviate poverty through education, opportunity and support, and to help conserve the environment and the species within it through conservation and awareness raising.”

Where did we begin?

We started on the ground in Uganda, setting up a fund for vulnerable children by providing vocational training to the care-givers of these children; this is a way for them to be able to provide for the children and pay their school fees. We also started and facilitate a womens’ empowerment group, and as part of this support a teacher through his counselling training. The crafts that are being made as a result of the trainings are sold by the women themselves or the charity locally, and in the U.K and online. The profit goes to the families and also directly to the schools to provide school fees and lunches for the children. We also have a sponsorship programme, where people can help financially to put a child through a whole school year for under £5 a week!


We also blog and cover the stories of the people that we work with, and to help show the impact we can all have if we reach out to make changes in our own lives and what we can do if we want to have a wider reach. You can follow our blog Blondesuzie for updates. On this note, we have formed a partnership with a school in Gulu in the North of Uganda that has a high proportion of abductees. We have been interviewing former child-soldiers of all ages, allowing them to tell their story, some for the first time. We work with I am Somebody’s Child Soldier (IamSCS); a charity helping with rehabilitation in communities. We will be blogging for them and helping with their social media presence going forward, you can follow their story and the blog here.

Reaching further

As well as maintaining the link and support to IamSCS in Uganda, we are now also working in Eastern-Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where we are partnering with the wonderful charity Strong Roots; working to help conserve Grauer’s Gorillas and their habitat. We will also be doing their communications work going forward and hope to be able to gain a wider audience and raise awareness, as well as raise more support for the awesome work that they are doing.


The last project on the current plan is in Borneo and Sumatra, where the charity will work alongside a few other charities who are working to save the Indonesian rainforest and the species that live within it. This is one of the most pressing environmental and species-level issues of our time; with orangutans projected to be extinct in a few short years if we cannot halt the destruction. The charity will partner with the Orangutan Project, Orang Utan Republik and Alam Sehat Lestari in  their work trying to work with the government to set up protected spaces, purchase areas of the forest for protection, and also educate the local people about their part in it all.


We can only continue this work with your support and welcome any ideas for our future projects. Our goal is to have a positive impact on as many causes as possible; providing a platform for their stories and supporting sustainable grassroots projects that help those in need and the environment.


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